Educational Toys For Girls And Boys – Is There A Difference?

Do boys and girls play differently? Should you be choosing different toys for them? And should an interest in certain toys be discouraged? These are all questions that may cross the mind of any parent, family member or friend trying to decide how to choose the most appropriate toy from all those available on the market.

Boys will be boys

Few people would deny that most boys tend to like cars, trains, guns and action packed games, whereas in general girls seem happier playing with dolls/soft toys, domestic toys such as kitchens, and sparkly dressing up clothes. Is there anything wrong with this? On the surface no, but if play is solely restricted to strongly gender stereotyped toys and games then things may take a different turn. It could mean that girls will grow up learning that looking attractive and developing strong nurturing and domestic skills are of primary importance. And, because their toys and games tend to be more competitive, often with an element of risk, danger or aggression, boys may grow up learning that aggression, violence, and competition are both fun and exciting.

Are you a positive role model?

There have been several studies into how girls and boys play with toys and what influences them to do so. One of the key influential factors is how children observe adults interacting with the toys during shared play time as this sends strong messages to children regarding gender-typed behaviours (1). Children will often mimic the behaviour of their role model adult. In fact studies have shown that parents tend to spend more time playing with the child’s gender-same toys longer, for example a girl’s doll, or a boy’s train. Also, that parents seem more comfortable with gender-same toys and can often be dismissive of cross-sexed toys (2). Maybe rather than observing how your child plays with toys, you should be observing how you play with toys and considering the influence you are having on them!

What about comfort toys – good or bad?

Many children may become attached to a particular toy or object such as a blanket. Whilst parents may worry that this is not healthy and should be discouraged there is no evidence to suggest this is the case. In fact children who adopt favourite comfort objects are often liable to sleep better and be well adjusted. In most cases the obsession with a particular toy or object will be grown out of when the child is ready.

Variety is the spice of life!

The bottom line is that from an educational development perspective both boys and girls will benefit most from being exposed to a wide variety of different play experiences to help them fully develop. Puzzles and shape sorters will teach all children about shapes, colours and names of objects. And, all children will gain from playing with, for example, toy kitchen equipment, dolls, cars, fantasy figures and computer games irrespective of their gender. These type of toys stimulate imagination and teach practical new skills. Maybe this is the critical thing to remember when choosing a toy for a child – education begins at an early age and a varied education will give every child the solid grounding for a more balanced view of life as they develop and grow.

Some great educational wooden toys for girls and boys to enjoy;

Tool box for budding DIY experts
Vanity case to accompany fun dressing up
Wooden kitchen/cooker for the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson
Toaster to practice getting you breakfast in bed one day
Wooden sword for swashbuckling pirates
Shape sorter to challenge and stimulate the younger child

Karen Singleton
Strawberry Children’s Toys

(1) Caldera, Huston, O’Brien, 1989
(2) Langolis and Downs, 1980

Kids Toys Are Toys For All Ages

As we grow old, our preferred toys or those that were given to us changes, sometimes they don’t. It may vary depending on our age, gender, or our preference. Our parents provide us initially with kids’ toys to capture our attention and obedience. As we progress, they offer us important things such as love, care, and trust.

These things are much special than any material things that we would receive. The memories that kid’s toys give us, however, will remain for such a long time when compared to any gifts that we would receive.

Parents are very excited to shop for their child even if the baby is not yet born. At the time that the ultrasound reveals the gender of the child, the whole family is thrilled to give the child the best thing they could give. Parents and caregivers usually choose the right kids toys to be offered to children. If the child is below one year old, toys that might cause possible choking are avoided.

Being a child, stuffed toys, blocks, puzzles, cars, and dolls are the most common toys. Bicycles, building blocks, coloring workbooks, and other materials could be given as the child grows older.

Funny how teenagers and adults can still find themselves satisfied with the same kids toys offered to them when they were small. Though their likes are now focused on things that are useful and those popular in the society, kids toys are still as important as the latest gadget or the latest fashion trends. Males still prefer to have motorcycle or car toys in their closets as an ornament while females are happy shopping and receiving cuddly stuffed toys or dolls.

Cars are frequently referred to as “toys for the big boys”. A small child is very happy when his parents bought him car miniatures but as he reaches adulthood he wanted that miniature to be a real one. Having a car is like a dream come true for many adults.

Though real cars are what big boys go after, some of them still love collecting toy cars and keeping them in their homes as decorations, keep sakes, or simply as toys they can still play with. Some people continue to have fun having collections of their plaything. They even spend more just to complete the collection because in one way or another they are happy with what they are buying, or they just love bringing out the kid in them.

Toys are usually given to kids or children for fun, amusement, and learning. The memories they carry along with them, however, are the main reasons why the same toys are loved and cared for by teens and adults. There is always a kid in every adult. There is nothing wrong with having dolls, stuffed toys, puzzles, cars now that you are old. Many admit that kids’ toys are toys for all ages; it’s the memories and the comfort they bring that makes them wanted by children, teenagers, and adults alike.

The Best Plush Toy For a Newborn

You are in a dilemma. You want to buy a plush toys for a newborn baby but the choice is staggering and you are feeling overwhelmed. Well, the first thing you have right is the decision to buy a plush toy as they can be the very best type of toys for newborn and young babies. They can really help with the fundamental aspects of your baby’s development in a safe and fun way.

It is a mistake to think that a newborn baby would not get any benefit from a toy, quite the opposite. When a baby is newly born it has trouble in focusing and can only see in black and white initially. Purchasing the right plush toy can really help them to develop their sight. Child development experts have found that choosing a toy that has brightly contrasting colors, helps your baby’s eyes to differentiate and so help them to focus steadily. strong>Plush toys that have different textures and sounds such as scrunching and crunching promotes interest and promotes valuable motor skills such as grabbing, holding and coordinating.

The main thing to get right is finding a plush toy that ticks all these boxes. It must be 100% safe with no plastic eyes that can come loose and possibly cause choking and be practical too. Lamaze baby toys have been specifically designed in conjunction with child development experts over at Yale University to stimulate baby’s senses and encourage the healthy development of all the necessary skills your baby will need to learn.

Amongst the Lamaze baby toys range, there are many plush toys to choose from. Many are suitable from birth and some are suitable from six months upwards to two years. However, you will find that Lamaze have made their baby toys in such a way that most children go on to enjoy them well over the stated ages so they provide real value for money. The worst thing is to go and buy a toy and find that it simply does not interest your baby at all.

Lamaze by Learning Curve are well known for making very high quality plush toys that have been positively reviewed by thousands of parents. The range is always bright and colourful, varied and fun – even for adults when they use them to interact with their babies. They are very functional plush toys too. Most come with a large loop so the toys can be attached to cots, car seats, changing bags and strollers easily so as not to get lost when you are out and about

Havoc Heli Laser Battling Set – A Fun Toy For All!

Looking for a fun toy that kids will play with for hours? I know how hard that can be-my kids can get bored real easily and finding an entertaining toy can be hard. The Air Hogs new Havoc Heli Laser Battling Set are super fun remote control helicopters that will bring a smile to any kids face. (adult kids too)

The RC (remote control) helicopters not only fly everywhere but you can engage your opponent in a dogfight and down his helicopter with a precision placed laser beam! Be careful though…they are shooting back at you too!

Who hasn’t wished they could fly and soar above the ground defying gravity? These precision, perfectly scaled helicopters measure only 6.5 inches long and can navigate anywhere inside of your house. They are quite durable-mine survived crashes into walls, ceilings, windows and even the family dog a couple of times.

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battling set require no assembly and are ready to fly right out of the box. They are easy to operate and anyone from 8 to 80 that has dreamed to be a pilot and fly can have their wishes fulfilled as soon as they fire up their Havoc Helis.

The set includes two helicopters, two remote controls, battle sounds and rechargeable batteries. Talk about hours of radio controlled excitement! The secret of the Air Hogs Havoc Heli amazing aerial abilities is their light weight and their air powered propulsion. Because they are battery powered with no messy gas or oil needed, the Air Hogs Battling Havoc Helis can be flown anywhere by anyone.

They are so simple and safe to use that Air Hogs are one of the hottest toys this holiday season! So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream of flying, or the wishes of someone you love, come true. Pick up an Air Hog and start having some fantastic flying fun today!